🚗 China’s Xiaomi Launches Electric Vehicle for Competitive Market

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China’s EV sector has grown rapidly in recent years, and Xiaomi, the renowned consumer tech giant, has now ventured into the automotive industry with its first electric vehicle (EV) launch in Beijing. Here’s what you need to know:

Xiaomi’s Bold Entry into the EV Market

At a glitzy launch event in Beijing, Xiaomi unveiled its SU7 EV, marking its debut in the fiercely competitive Chinese car market. With the discontinuation of purchasing subsidies in late 2022, the EV sector has become increasingly crowded, prompting Xiaomi to challenge established players like BYD and Tesla.

Features and Pricing

The sleek and sporty SU7 comes in nine colours and boasts features like “sound simulation” to enhance the driving experience. With a starting price of 215,900 yuan (€27,634), Xiaomi aims to position the SU7 as a premium yet affordable option in the competitive segment.

Competition and Strategy

Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, expressed confidence in the SU7’s competitiveness, comparing it favourably to Tesla’s Model 3. Leveraging its expertise in smartphones, Xiaomi plans to target its existing user base, offering a compelling option in the premium EV segment.

Market Dynamics and Challenges

China’s ambitious targets for electric and hybrid vehicle adoption by 2035 have spurred intense competition in the EV market. While established players like BYD continue to expand, newcomers face significant challenges. XPeng reported losses in 2023, and Evergrande NEV, once ambitious, now struggles amidst financial woes.


Xiaomi’s entry into the EV market signifies its determination to diversify and compete in a rapidly evolving industry. With innovative features and competitive pricing, the SU7 represents Xiaomi’s bold step into the world of electric mobility, amidst a landscape of fierce competition and shifting market dynamics.

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