Embracing Global Tourism with a Focus on China

In the wake of recent developments in international travel, Malta is poised to welcome a significant increase in tourism from China, as highlighted by Malta Tourism Authority’s chairperson, Gavin Guilia, in an interview with Xinhua News Agency. This surge in interest from one of the world’s largest markets presents a unique opportunity for local businesses to expand their reach and cater to a more diverse clientele.

Malta’s Growing Appeal to Chinese Tourists

Despite the lack of direct flights between Malta and China, requiring at least one stop-over, the interest from Chinese tourists is on a notable rise. In 2019, Malta welcomed 9,392 tourists from China, and although there was a dip in numbers due to the pandemic, the figures are expected to recover and even surpass the 2019 statistics. With China lifting COVID-19 restrictions and facilitating international travel, Malta is gearing up for a significant influx of Chinese visitors. Your Gateway to Global Exposure

In light of this anticipated increase in Chinese tourism, emerges as an essential platform for Maltese businesses aiming to tap into this growing market. As the go-to directory for businesses with a global approach, offers a unique opportunity for local enterprises to showcase their services and products to a broader audience, including the incoming wave of Chinese tourists.

Why is Crucial for Your Business

  1. Global Visibility: With its comprehensive directory, ensures that your business is visible not just locally but also to international tourists, including those from China.
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  3. Seamless Connectivity: In a world where connectivity is key, bridges the gap between local businesses and the global market, making it easier for tourists to find and engage with your services.
  4. Strengthening Malta-China Ties: As Malta and China continue to strengthen their diplomatic relations, having a presence on a platform like positions your business to benefit from these growing ties.

Looking Ahead

As Malta prepares to welcome more Chinese tourists in 2024, it’s an opportune time for local businesses to align themselves with platforms like By doing so, they can ensure that they are part of this exciting phase of growth and global connectivity. Embrace the opportunity to showcase the best of Malta to the world. Visit today and take your business to new heights!