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Chef Zohair Aljatlawi's signature dish at Minoa, showcasing Mediterranean fusion flavors.


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Chef Zohair Aljatlawi's signature dish at Minoa, showcasing Mediterranean fusion flavors.

Minoa Restaurant Now Open: A Culinary Fusion Awaits at AX ODYCY Hotel

HubpyMalta is thrilled to announce the opening of the much-anticipated Minoa Restaurant at AX ODYCY Hotel, a new gem in Malta's culinary scene. Nestled on the eleventh floor, Minoa is not merely a place to dine; it represents a cornerstone in AX Hotels' ever-growing portfolio of food and beverage concepts.

Savor the Fusion of Mediterranean Flavors at Minoa

Helmed by Executive Chef Zohair Aljatlawi, Minoa offers a culinary odyssey that traverses the Mediterranean's shores. The menu, a harmonious blend of North African spices, Middle Eastern zest, and Southern European charm, caters to a variety of palates, including vegetarians. With options ranging from à la carte to tasting menus, Minoa is set to deliver a dining experience rich in flavors and innovation.

This winter, guests are invited to experience a menu that embodies the season's spirit, crafted with the freshest ingredients to highlight the essence of Mediterranean fusion cuisine.

A Dining Experience with Immaculate Views

The interior design of Minoa mirrors the vibrancy and diversity of Mediterranean culture, featuring an eclectic mix of textures and patterns. This attention to detail ensures that every meal is not just a feast for the taste buds but also a visual spectacle, making Minoa one of Malta's most desirable new dining locales.

To experience the culinary delights that Minoa has to offer, guests are encouraged to make reservations by contacting +356 7974 7754.

Discover more about our flagship restaurant and its offerings.

Explore the World of Hospitality at AX Hotels Malta

AX Hotels Malta prides itself on offering unique hospitality experiences that blend luxury with personalized service. From sumptuous accommodations to gastronomic delights, AX Hotels Malta aims to make every guest's stay unforgettable.

Explore our collection of hotels and discover the perfect mix of indulgence and comfort.

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Minoa 餐厅盛大开业:在 AX ODYCY 酒店体验地中海融合美食

AX 酒店集团自豪地宣布在马耳他 Qawra 的 AX ODYCY 酒店十一楼开设 Minoa,这是我们不断扩展的餐饮概念中的旗舰新成员。Minoa 不仅仅是一个新的餐饮目的地;它是我们精选的地中海融合美食的瑰宝,提供来自北非、中东和南欧的独特风味融合。

在行政主厨 Zohair Aljatlawi 的带领下,Minoa 推出了创新的菜单,承诺带给客人难忘的美食之旅。从单点菜单到为素食者量身定制的菜单,宾客可以在地中海的壮丽景色中品尝到蕴含地中海融合美食精髓的佳肴。


Minoa 的充满活力和色彩的内饰,加上令人叹为观止的景观,使其成为马耳他无与伦比的用餐地点。无论您是当地人还是旅行者,Minoa 都邀请您体验地中海热情好客与多元文化传统的完美融合。

如需预订,请拨打 +356 7974 7754,开启 Minoa 的美食之旅。

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Dawret Il - Qawra, San Pawl il-Baħar SPB 1902, Malta

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